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Miruspoint Facilitators Inc., is, first and foremost, a training and development company. Here you'll find more information about our training programs, and the ways in which you can benefit personally and professionally from including these programs in your professional practice.

Prime Potential® Facilitator Training

"The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new vistas, but in having new eyes."
– Marcel Proust

Are YOU ready to acquire a profound framework for transformation that renews, enriches, and inspires your work?

Prime Potential® Facilitator Training offers you remarkable new ways to help your clients see their own conscious and unconscious blocks, face their fears, identify their limiting beliefs, and make profound, rapid, systemic changes on intellectual, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. This process is named Prime Potential® because it releases people's fundamental, core, innate potential.

The training's comprehensive framework includes a foundational theory of human behaviour, a perspective on how people form their identity, and a process to assist people in making profound shifts in that identity. Prime Potential® also draws on the latest research on the brain and cellular biology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Choice Theory, Satir Family Therapy, Spiral Dynamics, Emotional Field Therapy, and Bodytalk.

My biggest appreciation for the Facilitators’ training is the openness of the trainers to "what is," and to the process; their ability to flow with it while introducing new knowledge, new skills, and new information. Their passion for life and their compassion for their fellow human beings are contagious. This is a true bonus – a gift!

Incorporating Prime Potential® into your current practice exponentially increases your effectiveness. Clients embrace ideas more easily, experience greater confidence in dealing with challenges, reduce stress levels, increase creativity, and improve "bottom line" results.
  • This training spans a six-month period and combines the best of intensive group learning and experiential work with clients to allow for integration
  • It consists of four modules which mirror the Prime Potential® process. The first module covers the foundational theories/models on which Prime Potential® is based and the framework of the process. After the first module, participants are ready to begin working with their hand-selected volunteer clients
  • The training program includes 140 hours of direct face-to-face learning
  • Participants are eligible to enrol in a mentoring certification program, following completion of the training phase
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