Prime Potential® Benefits for
Professional Coaches

Thanks for taking a look at what we’re doing! We are reaching out to the Coaching Community to join us in seeing more dramatic results in the lives of clients. One of the most significant obstacles clients face are patterns of self-sabotage. We know with Prime Potential® clients finally, and fundamentally, shift their core unconscious (and sometimes baffling) sabotage patterns, clearing the way for satisfying, productive, and thriving careers.

The Prime Potential® Process is revolutionary in its speed, depth, and effectiveness. It's four session format with pre and post evaluation measurements is a great "structured process" for you to have in your tool kit. We invite you to read on and get a clearer understanding about how this process can benefit you, as a professional coach, and (most importantly) your clients.

  The significant shifts Prime Potential brings to the coaching process.
Bill Chalmers is a highly respected, seasoned business coach who
has been using Prime Potential for many years.

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Prime Potential® will:

  • Identify your clients’ constrictive issues, both past and present
  • Access the underlying source of the constrictions in the nervous system that have created those issues
  • Target and release your client’s constrictions at a systemic and cellular level, and
  • Release ineffective coping patterns, using innovative techniques, to enable your clients to establish successful life-strategies

 The Third Critical Factor in coaching is something deeper and more critical than either motivation or acquired skills...

What is Unique about Prime Potential®?

Systemic Impact

The Process affects all systems (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, neurological and cellular) simultaneously in an integrated approach. As a result of this integration people often experience positive transformation across different contexts. The process creates fundamental shifts in the wiring of the nervous system, moving from fears, limitations or difficulties, to possibilities and potential.

Revolutionary Change

There is an ever increasing need in today's workplace to be able to change quickly and powerfully; not making incremental changes but having the ability to make rapid, profound shifts. This requires people to feel safe internally, in order to be open to large scale changes externally. Prime Potential® locates the fear in the nervous system that keeps people in modes of either hypervigilance or disconnection.  Releasing constricting messages and sabotage patterns at the cellular level allows clients to have the safety and sense of wellbeing in which creativity, leadership, and innovation can flourish. Clients report noticeable changes after just the first two sessions, scheduled just ten days apart.

What is the Format?

Working one on one with you as Coach/Facilitator, your clients take part in four sessions. Each session lasts between two and three hours, depending on the unique circumstances of each client. All four sessions occur in a span of about three months.

 How we measure clients' progress. When working with clients, it's so important to have the ability to track not only performance indicators, but also variables like creativity, well-being, decisiveness... 

Would you like more information regarding
Prime Potential
® Facilitator Training?
Call us today toll-free (877) 922-1330

Benefits to the Coach Using this Technology

Benefits for Current Clients

While each of your clients is unique in their circumstances, issues, and outlooks we believe that they often fall into one of the following categories:
  • Clients who, despite ongoing coaching, continue in patterns of self-sabotage. These are the individuals that frequently dance around the same issue time and time again, locked in unconscious patterns of coping. When your clients move out of these patterns, the entire coaching process becomes much more satisfying for both you and your client. Progress now proceeds in a consistent, steady manner.
  • The bulk of clients fall into a second category. These are the individuals making progress at what seems, some days, to be “a snail’s pace.” This is often the result of having one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Releasing the metaphorical "governors" on the system allows clients to make larger, more significant changes—ranging from increased sales, better communication, the ability to handle conflict, comfort with increased responsibility and decision-making, and resolution of personal issues.
  • The third group is clients who are already doing well. They are very clear about their desired outcomes, which are often expressed as a desire "to really reach my full potential" and they want change to happen quickly. They are ready to shift their performance from “good to great.” These clients may be high functioning executives, leaders, or elite athletes who know that they can move to a higher level and want significant change—fast. Prime Potential® assists these clients to progress at an extremely rapid rate, gaining the momentum they need to achieve the edge they’re seeking.

Benefits for You, The Coach: Increased Referral Business

We all know there is nothing better than referral business. Satisfied clients refer more business when they achieve significant results. Clients often say they get more from Prime Potential® than they ever expected—the results have been beyond their wildest dreams. The fact that it all was accomplished in a short period of time is a huge bonus. The bottom line is: amazing results for your clients WILL result in increased referral business.

Optimized Time Management and Revenue Generation

As a coach, one of the challenges is often the limited number of hours in a week for seeing clients. This, in effect, creates a ceiling on your revenue. Having an alternative format for delivering services to your clients opens up your options for both the number of clients you can see, and the revenue you can earn.

In addition, one of the best ways to “gain time” is to optimize your clients’ willingness and ability to follow through on integration of fresh insights. The fewer clients you have who are enmeshed in self-defeating patterns, the less frustration you have, and the less “time leakage/loss” you experience.

Prime Potential® assists you in:

  • Seeing more clients
  • Using your time with each client more effectively
  • Enhancing the “self-responsibility” aspect of coaching
  • Charging fees based on a "packaged" program rather than an hourly rate, resulting in greater revenue from fewer client hours

So, What’s Next?

Step 1: Experience Prime Potential® for Yourself

Personal experience is not only the best way to assess a program or approach—in this case, it’s essential. You have to experience it to truly understand it. So, the first step is to call us and discuss how we can make that happen for you.

Step 2: Once you’ve “tried it on for size,” consider Prime Potential® Facilitators’ Training

The Prime Potential® Facilitators’ Training is held once a year in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The training consists of four long-weekend “modules.” The next training program will start in January 2011. Please see the What's New Section for details.

Step 3: Register for the Training

To participate in the Prime Potential® Facilitators’ Training, you need to register early as there is a limited number of places available each year.

As a business coach, since using Prime Potential®, I’m seeing deeper, richer, and more profound changes in my clients than in my previous 30 years of work.
Bill Chalmers
Coach, Consultant & Motivational Speaker
Vancouver, BC
We love offering the Prime Potential® Process to clients because of the immense satisfaction we get from seeing people achieve their goals and dreams. Offering the training to other skilled professionals is just that much more rewarding because it means more and more people living lives with joy, passion and vitality. We hope you’ll come along and experience it for your personal benefit and for the benefit of your clients. You won’t regret it!

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