Success Beyond Beliefs


This powerful program will show you how to deal with what stops you from living fully. Fear, in one form or another, is what stops almost all of us. Fear has many faces and is often not recognized because it’s masked by other emotions or behaviours. For example, when we are defensive, angry, or frustrated, fear is often found underneath; fear of not being appreciated, heard, understood, or valued is something we have all experienced. Feeling depressed is another example of fear being camouflaged. When we are depressed we are often suppressing strong feelings of sadness, hurt or anger. These feelings can seem overwhelming and so the only answer seems to be to keep them suppressed. This of course saps our strength and soon we have no energy for anything. These things can all apply to us in our roles as parents, friends, employees, bosses, and spouses/significant others.

This workshop is for...

  • Anyone who feels caught in a cycle of negative emotions, and wants to experience greater freedom.
  • Anyone who feels they are somehow sabotaging their own progress or success. Sabotage is just another way of saying “putting on the brakes.” Your system is actually afraid of you being successful, whether it feels like that or not.
  • People who know they have more potential than they are somehow expressing, and they are tired of moving ahead so slowly.
  • People that are working with a coach/consultant and who want to get the greatest benefit from that synergistic process. Clearing away the roadblocks in your system will optimize your success.

What Will I Gain from Attending?

  • An understanding of how our brain sabotages us when we are afraid, and keeps us from getting what we want.
  • Clarity on how we cope by creating strategies for attaining acceptance, value and recognition. These strategies become a vicious cycle that is endless and exhausting.
  • An experience of stepping out of this cycle and realizing how to live from a place of peace, well-being, balance and joy.

About the Facilitators

Lynn Sumida will be facilitating. Lynn holds a Masters degree in Social Work, and is the President of miruspoint Facilitators Inc. She has over 30 years of experience assisting people to clear self-sabotage, and is an internationally recognized trainer.


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