Facing A Serious Health Challenge?

Hi, I am Lynn Sumida, and I'm the President of miruspoint Facilitators. I hold a Masters Degree in Social Work, and in my 30 years of private practice I have worked as a Medical Social Worker specializing in loss/grief, trauma and abuse, and assisting clients overcome fear and self-sabotage.

I am so excited to be offering a new program specifically for people facing serious health issues. I faced my own health crisis in 2009 when I found out that I had uterine cancer. Having come through that experience with complete success, there are some things of which I have become totally convinced.

One is that there is a definite link between our emotional/spiritual health and our physical well-being.

While I recognize a broad range of opinion exists on this, I believe that there is a deep connection. Thanks, in part, to people like Dr. Bruce Lipton there is significant research suggesting that our beliefs and fears profoundly influence how our cells operate, and this in turn impacts all our key systems – particularly the immune system. Knowing how to create a healthy emotional environment, which supports the body's natural ability to heal, is therefore vital.

This two day, ground-breaking workshop will assist people who are facing a serious health issue in seeing how their nervous system has strategically stored fear, often from the time they were young, and how their current health challenge is layered on top of these old fears. Participants will be guided in a process of releasing the "fear," and establishing a foundation of peace and well-being.

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We truly look forward to talking with you... and to having you with us for this wonderful event!