Legacy - The Humanitarian Project

Legacy is our humanitarian project that allows the Prime Potential® process to be gifted to those in roles of leadership, who are committed to making a difference in the world. Certified Prime Potential® facilitators donate their time, offering the process in support of these individuals who have significant impact and influence in their communities, organization or countries.

Miruspoint's® contribution, on the larger world stage, is through helping people in roles of leadership work with more ease and grace, minimizing vulnerability to burnout and despair. Many people who are deeply committed to helping others are themselves vulnerable, on the personal front. Because of their giving hearts, they often push to the point of exhaustion. If this happens everyone loses, and our world cannot afford to lose people of vision and wisdom.

Our goal is to work with these committed human beings and assist them in finding creative ways of working sustainably, connecting with deep sources of strength, and opening the flood gates of creativity. Our work allows people to collaborate more easily, handle a myriad of challenges gracefully, and effortlessly step into greater roles of leadership and influence.

The book, The Anatomy of Peace, written by the Arbinger Institute, beautifully articulates a vision for the future in which issues are addressed from the inside out, noting that "a solution to the inner war solves the outer war as well." Whether the war is within an individual, or within a larger collective, a paradigm shift needs to occur.

When the pressure is on and our backs are against a wall, the age-old paradigm, which resides within most of us, seeks first a change in the behaviour or beliefs of others, hoping that this change will cause things to improve. This approach has, and will, continue to be proven fruitless in the long term.

The Prime Potential® process assists people in deeply shifting from an external locus of control to one which is internally focused; from a feeling of vulnerability and helplessness, to one of strength and power.

If you know someone that you feel would benefit from Legacy2®, please be in touch with us. If, on the other hand, you would like to contribute financially to this program, we would also be delighted to hear from you. As the ripple of this program spreads out into the world to individuals, families, and communities, its impact will grow exponentially.

Contact us about how you can help Prime Potential® can make a significant impact in the lives of significant community and world leaders.