What Happens After Experiencing
Prime Potential®?

Living From Your Authentic Identity

Completing the Prime Potential® process is, in many ways, only the beginning. The joy – and sometimes the challenge – is in discovering how your life will unfold from this place of authenticity in day to day life.

As we learn to live from a place of presence or "conscious living," we experience, to an increasingly greater degree, life from a place of strength, peace, joy, grace, and ease.

Our sensing (seeing, hearing, feeling) occurs through a completely different set of lenses, ones that are now tracking a new perception of "what is." As one client remarked, "I feel like my personality has changed from someone who always saw the glass half empty, and thought it was smart to look for what could go wrong, to a person who sees the glass half full and potential in almost every situation."

Frankly, there is no magic to the process of integrating a transformative experience. What it requires is nurturing the work that has been begun, in the same way that a garden that has been planted needs care and attention to fully flourish.

So, what can we do to support you as you become solidly grounded in your authentic identity? How can we help?

We’ve come up with two ways of formally supporting people who have completed Prime Potential®...

Living Your Potential®

Living Your Potential® is integration in the context of community. Participants commit to meeting together in a small group setting with a facilitator once a month over a one-year period. Over the course of that year, you will:
  • build relationships – and often great friendships – with others who have a common interest in living consciously and authentically
  • learn some of the basic practices essential to conscious living, e.g., the benefits of meditation; connecting with and understanding what brings you joy in life;
  • understand the theory that underpins the work of Prime Potential®, as well as the psychological needs that drive all our behaviour
  • learn how to use some great tools which will assist you in dealing with your mind and the limiting beliefs it generates
  • be mutually supported, in a collaborative learning environment, to effectively deal with new challenges which may arise as you live more fully and openly
This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are committed to living fuller, more positive lives. We know you'll benefit by joining us, and that you'll soon anticipate getting together with joy and a sense of great expectancy.

If you've already completed Prime Potential®, contact us for more detailed information.

Optimizing Your Integration

Optimizing Your Integration is a more intensive, one-on-one approach to the process ofintegration, AND may be taken either in conjunction with Living Your Potential, or on its own.
Optimizing Your Integration is designed as a 3-month mentoring/coaching process which is tailored to the individual needs of each client. The process includes one two-hour session each month, for a total of four sessions. Working with a facilitator, sessions can include:
  • addressing limiting beliefs through a self-inquiry process
  • coaching on current challenges or day to day issues
  • educating the mind's rational side, that needs and wants to understand the changes you have made
  • support for continued growth as you dream and expand into the life you truly want to live
This process may be renewed on an ongoing basis.

If you've already completed Prime Potential® and would like more information about continuing your personal development in these ways, please contact us.