Prime Potential® For Business

More than ever, we are recognizing in the workplace the complexities of human performance and relationships. These complexities are no less impactful in the corporate world than they are in social or family settings. Issues such as motivation, for instance, are more challenging today than they have ever been. We know that true motivation arises from within an individual, rather than from without. The old paradigm of "managing people" through fear or rewards has proven largely ineffective, particularly with highly creative individuals, top producers or those in more senior positions.

So, what do you do when people – a corporation’s most valuable asset – get stalled, and just can't seem to press on to achieving that "next level," which is integral to a company's vision for growth or expansion? The old model of management might suggest turning up the heat...applying a little pressure or leverage in order to increase performance or compliance. What we see repeated time and time again, however, is that any gains using this outdated methodology are usually short-lived and often come with some very negative side-effects. In the book Presence by Peter Senge and his colleagues they explore what really is needed for change and learning in corporate settings:

Peter Senge

At miruspoint® our work helps individuals and organizations to experience fundamental transformation including the capacity to access the state of presence Peter Senge is describing. This includes a radical shift from behaviour and skills, to one which focuses on the state of being that the individual is inhabiting. The foundation of this transformation is the combination of beliefs which support openness to emerging opportunities, a strong sense of personal identity which exists without the need for defence, and the capacity to be clearly present moment by moment.

Through years of working with people, we have found that most individuals who have already achieved a level of success have the skills to perform at exceptional levels. So what holds them back? What is it that gets in their way, and keeps them from maintaining that forward, positive momentum? In the vast majority of cases the problem lies with their beliefs – about themselves and the way they fit into the larger picture. By addressing the limiting beliefs that stop people from buying into an expanded vision, or consistently performing to achieve that vision, real and lasting results are realized benefiting both the organization and the individual.

Hands togetherThe people we're talking about know what it feels like to run the race and win. They've reached pinnacles in their career, and they know what it feels like. They also know what failing to achieve those results feels like. As we guide a person in honestly evaluating the disparity between "best performance" and "worst performance," what invariably is revealed are limiting beliefs, fears and patterns of self-sabotage. These patterns are often hidden until the pressure rises to critical levels, which can be due to either success or things start to go wrong. The limiting beliefs which undermine an individual and collapses them into their "worst days," are precisely the blocks that need to be addressed. Once these blocks, constrictions, or hurdles are released, what results is a new level of performance and "emotional ability" which includes a greater sense of ease and ability to collaborate with others, that has been described by many of our clients as "effortless ease."

Sabotage patterns often show up as:

  • Continuing to fall short despite how hard you’re trying to do everything "right"
  • Reverting to old behaviours no matter which strategies you employ
  • Playing down capabilities and achievements because, deep down, you don't believe you deserve success
  • Are "successful" but paying a huge price for this "success" in terms of health, relationships, and overall well-being
With Prime Potential® clients fundamentally shift their core unconscious (and sometimes baffling) beliefs and sabotage patterns to clear the way for satisfying, productive, and thriving careers.

Prime Potential® Process includes:

  • Readiness criteria, so we know who is a fit for the work
  • A Preparation Guide that illuminates the full range of issues to be addressed
  • A four-session transformational process that integrates change on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and neurological levels. A four-session transformational process that integrates change on the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and neurological levels
  • Before and After benchmarks that allow the client to fully understand the significant changes they have made.

2 Delivery Streams

Prime Potential® for Business can be facilitated one of two ways:
  • One-on-one, providing a totally customized process, focusing on the needs of the individual, or
  • Group Process, allowing entire teams of people to experience the process together. The Group Process is currently under development and we'll be "road-testing" it this fall (2010)
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