The Recognition of Our Spirituality

Regardless of our religious or spiritual perspectives or understandings, there is widespread and growing agreement that there is a part of us which is spiritual in nature. A survey of all the great world religions, including aboriginal traditions, reveals an understanding that there is an essential part of us which cannot be contained, perceived with the five senses, or analyzed with the most sensitive of scientific instruments. And yet, even science, beginning with Quantum Physics, is beginning to talk about this essence, spirit, or consciousness.

Current authors and researchers, such as physicist Dr. Peter Russell, in his book, From Science to God: A Physicist's Journey into the Mystery of Consciousness, and Dr. David Hawkins in his many books offer exciting new insights into the nature of consciousness, and provide the basis for an emerging paradigm shift that could radically change how we view ourselves and all facets of our human experience.

The intent in our work is not to define that essence, argue for its specific nature, or dogmatically defend any particular ideas about it. We simply acknowledge its existence, and accept it as being magical, ethereal, and basic to our shared human experience.

We also recognize that we are integrated beings – that it is impossible to separate our physical selves from our emotional, or intellectual selves. We recognize that that which impacts one part of us, generally impacts the whole.

Our profound interest with this essence, or consciousness, centres primarily on the nature of our true, or authentic, identity. For the vast majority of us, the vision of "ourselves" – our identity – which we carry around every day, has been constructed from a set of ideas based almost entirely on externals: our abilities or inabilities, successes or failures, strengths or weaknesses, what we can do or what we can't. When, at the end of a day, we land on the positive side of this ledger, we feel good about ourselves, about life, and the about world. When we land on the negative side of the page though, getting out of bed in the morning can be a chore which takes all the strength we can muster. We now recognize that who-we-truly-are and what we truly want have less and less to do with external score-keeping and more to do with our true or authentic nature.

Beyond those external benchmarks, journeying ever deeper into the heart of who-we-truly-are, we find that the essence of "us" is something pure and simple, rich and expansive.It's from this place that we can experience living in a totally new way, free of many of the restrictions which have limited us our entire lives. It is this place of consciousness, or essence, which has been calling out to us, and we've all heard it – when we can get quiet enough, and clear enough. There has been some point in each of our lives when we've yearned for a deeper, richer connection with source, spirit, consciousness, love, or the Divine – use whichever name works best for you.

Recognizing and accessing this place of consciousness, essence or authentic identity, we begin to experience a greater sense of peace, joy, well-being, and wholeness. Do all of the negatives suddenly disappear? No, not for most of us. What we do experience with our new foundation, or "ground of being," is that day by day, a bit at a time, wholeness and joy begin to outpace restriction in our lives and the tide begins to turn.

We salute the spark of life which exists within you – your essence; your spirit; that place where all potential and possibility exists, waiting to be discovered...again!

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With spirit we are all children of the cosmos;
Without it we are orphaned and adrift.
Deepak Chopra