What Our Clients Are Saying...


Prime Potential® has moved my life from a point of barely surviving to standing at the beginning of an incredible adventure in relationship and having my company be a force for good in the world.
Donna Peach

Since the first session I have found myself excelling at work, becoming one of the top sales representatives in my company (top 5 in the country out of 500).
Daniel O'Rourke

My professional life has improved 100%. My leadership style has changed dramatically, almost without my understanding or doing anything. Rather than react defensively, my style is more comfortable and naturally collaborative.
Executive Director of a
Canadian non-profit organization

In the Face of Adversity –

Shortly after completing Prime Potential®, I undertook a difficult project abroad. I found the people and the environment quite hostile and the tasks daunting. I was away from friends and family and surrounded by difficulties. Yet, in the midst of all of that, I felt peaceful, resourceful and happy. The one thing I had always wanted was a sense that everything is alright; perfect just the way it is and finally, I had it. To experience that in such unlikely circumstances was all the more fulfilling; like having a magic wand. I was surprised that I had seemingly taken a shortcut directly to this place where everything is alright; so easy, so simple, so quick, and so profound yet irrefutable.
David James

Wow, what a great life-enhancing experience this was for me. Thank you for helping me discover what was there all along and then learn how to live at my full potential all the time. I am much more present and in the "zone" now. I am enthusiastically pursuing opportunities that I would not have had the fortitude to go after just a few months ago. My creative source is turned up to "11" out of 10, and I’m loving it...and it all comes so naturally...beautiful!
Kelly Breaks
Musician, Producer
Recording Engineer

Thank you very much for introducing me to Prime Potential® and taking me through the process. As you know, in starting my own business, I felt like a salmon swimming upstream, getting bruised on the rocks. I knew I had the potential to be successful in my own business but felt like something was holding me back. That something holding me back was the 15 tons of baggage I'd been carrying around for over 30 years (okay, so it's longer than that). I was quick to realize that all my patterns were surfacing. I knew if I didn't change the patterns, I wouldn't be as successful as I could be. I needed to get out of my own way so that I could move forward with the energy and zest I, and others, know I am capable of.
Shauna Jones

Before Prime Potential® I would get paralysed sometimes when dealing with authority, not make necessary phone calls, and delay my responsibilities. I would resist confrontation, and shy away from saying what was on my mind. I would allow myself to be taken advantage of, and procrastination was the norm.

Having completed Prime Potential®, I have found that I am much clearer in my thinking, more decisive, and able to take action. I am able to speak my mind; able to get my point of view across, and I no longer get paralysed in confrontational situations. I have also found that I have not been paralysed in any situation, as a matter of fact, I enjoy getting my phone calls out of the way. I'm in a place where I am quite comfortable allowing people to see who I am in all my passion and my foibles.
Richard Kay,
Business Developer & Property Manager


Over 25 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus - consistently confirmed over the years by different doctors. After the process, I was retested immediately and then again two years later - all evidence of lupus was gone. This is truly amazing.
Name withheld

This experience with Prime Potential® has helped me reduce the anxiety level in my life, has improved my relationship with others through improved communication and has provided me with an overall feeling of well-being in my life. Life altering!!
Muscular Dystrophy Development Associate

I went from a three month state of chronic depression to feeling like a new person. I am much more present in my life now, my creativity back fully. I am kinder and more compassionate than I have ever been. My life feels ripe with possibility.
Shirley Dircks

I have suffered horrible back pain. I have slipped 2 lower discs in my back. Now I have no pain in my back. I no longer even concern myself with my back. I [am] no longer remembering my back pain. I had carried equipment up 13 flights of stairs when elevators were not working, a total of 119 pounds with mask, RIT bag, thermal imaging camera, and Arc. And my back was not even aggravated… [it] was like new.
John Major

Relationship & Family

My family relationships have improved significantly. My previous challenges have disappeared. I have a loving relationship with all members and am able to deal with conflict directly, compassionately and calmly. I have greater awareness of family dynamics and I don't get
caught up in them.
Executive Director of a
Canadian non-profit organization
I am communicating more honestly and courageously. I think I spend more time "being happy than trying to be right." I have encountered tough conversations with my mother, my sisters, and some close friends that seem to run a different course than could have been expected a year ago. I like that. I also listen better, assume less, judge less, and love more.
Yael Blum

My children's bickering and fighting would enrage me because they were unable to be kind to each other. Now it does not bother me. I understand that they need to develop social skills and learn how to handle conflict. When they squabble, it no longer gets on my nerves.
John Major

Coming into Prime Potential®, I knew I was stuck. I needed to make some changes in my life. What I didn't know was the depth at which those changes would manifest. Rather than running aimlessly knee-deep in brackish water, I now feel like I can purposefully navigate with far more clarity and intuition.

Annabelle White

Prime Potential® was Different Than Anything I'd Done Before –

I do not wish to practice evangelical zeal nor hysterical ranting and raving, but to speak of this as a normal every day thing does not do it justice. It is no ordinary everyday thing. So, how do I speak in everyday terms of something so extraordinary? I will say this: If you are looking for something which fits into a normal everyday framework, I do not think this will fit. If you are willing to go well beyond that, you are onto a very special and unique gift.
David James

Increased Purpose & Passion

I can now live my life fully with spontaneity, passion and purpose. No longer will constrictions dictate my behaviour. I’m truly blessed to be able to openly share my newfound 'joie de vivre' with the world. The gem that I’ve always been has been revealed and is glistening with brilliance. Look out!
Jennifer Scrubb,
Director, Not for Profit

Prime Potential® has had huge impact on my life: I cannot recall having so much music and song in my head, this sense of lightness, confidence, and excitement about what I will find when I open the doors I didn't even know were there before.
Sandy Gunderson,

Art Instructor

I used to think small, lacked self confidence, and sought approval from almost everyone to help define who I was. I never felt I was good enough and when embarking upon a new project or job, would live in constant fear of being exposed for the fraud I thought I was. Now I have become more aware of my true role in life and the power with which I can live it. Over the course of the last few months, I have felt more grounded, more connected to the universe in a unique yet completely understandable way. It somehow has made me feel I know who I am, which in turn has given me permission to express that in new, yet familiar ways. I’ve felt an amazing sense of freedom.

Charlie James

The change in me has been finally addressed and I have a new release in life. It’s a rebirth and a newfound connection in many, many ways. It’s time to live and love! Thank you so much!
Nina Soo

Living my life with ease, grace, and simplicity. Prime Potential® continues to provide the framework, impetus, and clarity for me in my work and personal life. Although it is safe to say the challenges of life are still ever-present, my capacity to deal with them effortlessly and graciously is profound. I see, feel, and hear myself coming from a different place...one of strength, peace, and equanimity. My "insights-quotient" has improved...my life is rich...my clients are engaging in ways never before reached by previous strategies...and my friendships are deeper and fuller. Prime Potential® opens doors and windows of the mind and body in ways only dreamed of, and makes them real, substantive, and awesome.
Bill Chalmers

Letting Go of the Past

Before the process I was so stifled and trapped by anxiety, fear and feeling I needed to be perfect. Now I am at peace. My mind is quiet. No more playing and replaying endless tapes from my childhood. Instead, I see possibility everywhere. My world has opened up and it is a wider and happier place to be and to live in.
Kate McDonald

Wow - are things a poppin' in me since we met. MAJOR energy shifts. Probably the most interesting thing is that the mind can't 'find' things to hook onto. i.e., an emotion comes up and it wants to find something to chatter about - and can't seem to.
Anne Lambert,
Corporate Entrepreneur

I knew something in my life had to change as I was unhappy and very angry. Prime Potential® has allowed me to let go of past constraints so that I can fully appreciate and love who I am. By reconnecting to who I am, I am able to offer my true self to the world.
Paula Faragher

Never in my life did I imagine saying goodbye and good riddance to those things I was holding on to. As a result I‘ve experienced an extreme "lightness" that actually shows in my face.
Dawn Smith
Since going through the Prime Potential® process I notice feeling less like a victim, less ruled by circumstance and more playfully accepting of my shit. It doesn’t have the same power over me.
Yael Blum

For me, what the process did was go into the file drawers, take out each blue print and erase it. No, I don't mean changed it; I mean erased it.
Panther Management


Prime Potential® For Students

I can't explain exactly how the process worked, as it was unique from anything else I have ever done. And at the same time it was so simple! The process opened my eyes and spirit to a whole new, amazing world in which I am capable, confident and happy. When I reread my notes going into the process it astonished me that I was so depressed, anxious, frustrated, unable to concentrate, and lonely. I no longer have any of those feelings and don't think I could ever go back to those states. I feel like I am able to be totally me. Every aspect of my life has been enriched.
Naomi Allard
(2nd year university student who was considering
quitting university prior to taking Prime Potential)

Naomi sounds wonderful and has nothing but great things to say about her experience with you. Thank you so much for helping her find a way out of the darkness that was threatening to engulf her. It is great to hear her so calm, positive, and happy again.
George and Carol Allard

A Unique Facilitative Approach

The process that you facilitated for me has made such a positive and fundamental difference in my life. Thank you for your skill, patience, and perseverance.
Gail Muise

Perfectness, a sense of understanding, and a wonderfully experienced guide assisted in this most fascinating voyage of discovery.
Olivia Murphy

Your direct and gentle approach helped me move through issues in ways I haven’t been able to do in any of the counselling I’ve received on and off for the last 20 years of my life.
Shauna Jones