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I am enthusiastically pursuing opportunities that I would not have had the fortitude to go after just a few months ago. My creative source is turned up to “11” out of 10, and I’m loving it…and it all comes so naturally…beautiful!

Coming into Prime Potential®, I knew I was stuck. I needed to make some changes in my life. What I didn’t know was the depth at which those changes would manifest. Rather than running aimlessly knee-deep in brackish water, I now feel like I can purposefully navigate with far more clarity and intuition.

I have suffered horrible back pain. I have slipped 2 lower discs in my back. Now I have no pain in my back. I no longer even concern myself with my back. I had carried equipment up 13 flights of stairs when elevators were not working… [and] my back was not even aggravated… [it] was like new.