There Are Connections in Our Brains…
That are Cross-Wired, and Holding Us Back

Imagine if your system felt the need for “Love and Belonging” conflicted with your need for “Power.” Both of these needs are genetic and must be met, so what would happen if your system felt there was a conflict? The most common result of this cross-wiring is… [READ MORE]


Kids & Technology

In the lives of our kids, technology is a fixture. For many of our kids, it’s just always been there, and they can’t imagine how we ever survived in the stone-age… you know, those pre-iDevice days! Truthfully, there isn’t an easy answer… [READ MORE]

What (or Who) is Driving the Bus?

Every behaviour we use is made up of four components, an action part, a thinking part and feeling part and a physiology/body component. All four components work together, like the four wheels of a car... so where are you going? [READ MORE]

Miruspoint - Where We're Coming From...

Science, Psychology & Spirituality Our work involves the synergy of science, psychology and spirituality. It is exciting to live in an era when we are able to bring these disciplines together, as they have existed at odds with one another for decades, if not centuries. Now they can come together to shed light on our most complex challenges.

Science – is revealing more and more about the ways the mind and body are intimately linked.  We now know our cells, including neural (brain) cells, change in response to our thoughts, listening to what we think, and following deep messages embedded early in life. Research has revealed that not only do we have a brain in our head, we also have a heart and gut brain, which reflect some of our most recent evolution...

Psychology – has continued to evolve in the exploration of what it means to be human and how we can heal wounds resulting from deep trauma; assisting people in moving from "surviving to thriving," and effectively shifting trauma at the cellular level...

Spirituality – the face of spirituality is powerfully emerging and also evolving... there is a sweeping movement of people who are recognizing the need to connect with something greater than themselves... individually and collectively, and it is vital that we find ways to answer this deep yearning...

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What is Prime Potential®?

Each of us wants to be free to express who we really are: our passion and our creativity. Ultimately most people want their lives to have meaning, beyond even ourselves, making a difference in the world through our children or our work. What gets in our way of living full on? The truth is, we often don’t know - it’s in our blind spot.

Prime Potential® is a powerful, life-changing process that will assist you in identifying what is in your blind spot and metaphorically "locking up" your system. Its revolutionary technology assists your nervous system to release core constrictions, which are not just in your mind or thinking, although it may feel that way. Every constriction is actually located in your nervous system and when you release these "blocks" at the cellular level, profound changes occur. Whether you feel like your energy, creativity or passion is being crushed, or you feel trapped, lost, or overwhelmed, it's all logged in your nervous system. Clearing these constrictions, so your whole physical and emotional system can run smoothly, is the focus of Prime Potential®.

Addressing deep challenges requires a holistic approach, including body, mind, and spirit. This approach must be more than mere philosophy – it must extend to application and life-long integration.

Our programs radically transform issues such as:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Personal Motivation
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Addictions
  • Spiritual Development
  • Health Crisis
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Life Purpose Uncertainty

Taking Great... and making it AWESOME!

Not everyone is facing the challenges we've mentioned above; they are living successful lives, and their reason for taking Prime Potential® is to live more fully, work with less effort, stress or strain, and simply take their performance to the level of which they know they are truly capable. As one executive said, "I know everybody thinks I'm already at the top of my game, but I know I'm working at 45% of what I'm really capable of accomplishing."

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Who is Miruspoint®?

We are a development and training company dedicated to creating innovative, powerful programs to assist people in their personal evolution. The spirit of a human being is an incredible force, and releasing that spirit is what we are all about.

Miruspoint's® vision is to unleash every human being’s potential to live vibrant lives filled with joy, peace, and meaningful contribution.

We also train other professionals, coaches, consultants, counsellors, and therapists, so our innovations can be made available to as many people as possible. Our world is filled with competition. We want to collaborate with others. We know the only way to create the changes we want to see in ourselves and in the world, is if we work together.

Are You A Professional Counsellor, Therapist or Coach?
Interested in Dramatically Increased Client Results?

As a professional Counsellor, Therapist, Coach or Consultant, you see a wide range of clients who all want one thing: to make significant changes rapidly. You often see, in these very same clients, restrictive patterns and conditioning – patterns of self-sabotage – that keep them from the very changes they say they want.

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