We grow primarily through our challenges, especially those life-changing moments when we begin to recognize aspects of our nature that make us different from the family and culture in which we have been raised…
—Caroline Myss

Family Evolution

The Family Evolution process is designed to complement the powerful results of Prime Potential. Once your personal blocks have been cleared and systemic constrictions have been released, you may notice some other subtle but pervasive limiting patterns in your life. These patterns often originate from family memes and values that influence the way we believe we must live and operate in the world. For example, if you grew up with the family value of putting others first, you may feel compelled to continue doing this, even beyond what is appropriate or useful. Shifting this deep pattern will be difficult as it links to how you perceive you are valued in your family. Much conflict can arise in a relationship related to these kinds of issues, and because there is no conscious understanding of the pattern or why it exists, it can be a big stumbling block in a relationship.

The Family Evolution process helps you examine aspects of your life that you never thought to question—just as a fish doesn’t question the presence of water. It uncovers the deep metaphors that you live by and yet may be completely unaware of. It will assist you in appreciating what you experienced as a child, and yet allow you to “grow up”  and be the adult that you want to be.


In our three-session process, together we:

  • complete a Relationship Satisfaction Index that offers you the opportunity to see, in picture form, how you feel about the relationships in your life, including your relationship with yourself
  • do an Assessment of Healthy Relating with Others and Self, so you have a concrete way to measure your changes
  • explore your family rules and beliefs that exist at the “floorboards” of your identity, bringing them into greater consciousness
  • identify root familial patterns and places where you’re stuck
  • uncover your fundamental metaphor that represents the family patterns and your place in that meme
  • transform your perspectives of yourself, your parents, siblings and significant others
  • Track key indicators between sessions that will allow you to document the changes that are occurring for you
  • experience and fine-tune a new way of seeing your self, within the family and in the world

Significant Outcomes and Benefits:

  • freedom to relate to others in an authentic way that reflects your current values and who you are today
  • greater flexibility in relationships due to a deeper sense of who you are and how you have evolved
  • deeper/better sleep and increased physical and mental comfort
  • heightened state of overall relaxation
  • fuller sense of how you are connected and part of the world, and simultaneously connected to your authentic self

Prime Potential is a prerequisite for Family Evolution, because we believe the individual, personal work must proceed the broader focus.  If you have already experienced Prime Potential and wish to know more about becoming free from unhealthy family patterns, please contact us.