Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
—Mahatma Gandhi

Thank’s for your interest in Prime Potential and what it can offer you, and your clients. I have been a counselor for almost 30 years and I know what I hoped my clients would gain from counseling, and what my frustrations were. My ‘frustration’ was actually my disappointment that clients were not getting the deep transformations many were hoping for, or not seeing results as quickly as we both would have liked. The slow progress was often the result of sabotage, the “one step forward, two back” phenomena. I was deeply curious about how this really worked. The well known perspective that people are afraid of success was not a sufficient answer for me. I wanted to really understand how sabotage was coded in the system.

This curiosity lead me into a much broader and deeper understanding of how trauma impacts the system, and how the identity is formed. We call this the constructed identity because it really is made up of thousands of layers of experience that coalesces into the identity people carry around everyday.

I received my Masters degree in Social Work in 1974 from the University of Toronto. I mention this because it sets the backdrop/perspective from which I came. Sexual abuse was not on the curriculum and so when it exploded into the therapeutic arena, I was not prepared. I discovered that many of the beliefs I had were either wrong or incomplete. For example, disclosing abuse does not make everything better, telling your whole story to someone who is really listening is not enough, and lastly, surviving is not the same as thriving.

I, along with many others, was on a steep learning curve. This eventually led me to an understanding that we must deal with much more than behaviour. Coping patterns, regardless of how they seem to work, are simply that, coping. So long as there is fear in the system, there will be a need to “cope.” We must address this fear at the level of the nervous system, because anything that has “shocked” the nervous system gets coded into it and can be triggered by day to day events. This is what keeps people in a pattern of hyper-vigilance, never able to truly relax or fully trust. And finally, I realized that we must address a person’s identity, and their spirit, in order for them to feel whole and complete, and able to live a life filled with joy and connection.

Prime Potential will:

  • Identify your clients’ constrictive issues, both past and present
  • Access the root or core underlying constrictions in the nervous system that have created those issues
  • Target and release your client’s constrictions at a systemic and cellular level
  • Enable your clients to release ineffective coping patterns
  • Provide a solid foundation from which clients can build a full and vibrant life

What Makes PP Unique?