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Results for Body, Mind and Spirit

Dr. Nancy Buck shares her experience of the Prime Potential process and the wonderful results she experienced. She is a colleague who approached me for help, following an injury at work, which resulted in her being bed-ridden for 4 months and then dealing with residual physical issues. Her results from Prime Potential were not just physical but emotional and the exciting part is, she discovered something she had been looking for, all of her adult life – very inspiring!

Lynn is a highly talented coach, mentor and facilitator who has helped me deal with loss and trauma several times in the past few years. Through our work using Prime Potential she made an incredible difference in how I was able to navigate the sudden passing of my Mom, job issues, job changes and lots of childhood baggage I had been carrying around.

I highly recommend Lynn to help you work through any major life challenges you are facing. It’s truly life changing.

Sales & Marketing Leader

Lynn is a fantastic coach and resource for a variety of goals: sport performance; relationships; vocational pursuits; and, generally getting out of your own way! Using a variety of tools and techniques from her significant toolbox she is able to tailor her approach to client needs and facilitate desired outcomes. The Prime Potential series was particularly effective for me and a real turning point in both my career and personal life. I would highly recommend Lynn and her programs for those wanting to get past what’s holding them back!

Operations & HR Executive

Coming into Prime Potential, I knew I was stuck. I needed to make some changes in my life. What I didn’t know was the depth at which those changes would manifest. Rather than running aimlessly knee-deep in brackish water, I now feel like I can purposefully navigate with far more clarity and intuition.


I have suffered horrible back pain. I have slipped 2 lower discs in my back. Now I have no pain in my back. I no longer even concern myself with my back. I had carried equipment up 13 flights of stairs when elevators were not working… [and] my back was not even aggravated… [it] was like new.