As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world—that is the myth of the atomic age—as in being able to remake ourselves.
— Mahatma Gandhi

by Lynn Sumida, MSW RSW
President, Miruspoint Facilitators

Looking for the “Holy Grail”…

This story begins not in 2005, when Miruspoint Facilitators Inc. was created, but years before, as we searched to find what we joked about as the “Holy Grail” – the key to people profoundly transforming their lives. Dr. Steve Davis, Donn Smith and I were colleagues, each with our own private practices, and each seeing people who regularly struggled with making significant changes in their lives. Whether it was dealing with addictions, relationships, depression or any other issue we often saw people doing the classic dance, “taking one step forward and two steps back.” Despite all our efforts, clients were progressing more slowly than we thought was necessary, and we were very frustrated! We truly believed change could happen much faster, if we only knew how.

What Wasn’t Working…

For many years we, like most professionals, focused on helping people cope and manage better. We searched for techniques and strategies that would re-frame problems, diminish anxiety, shore up insecurity and stop sabotage. Eventually we realized we were focused on the wrong thing – people’s behavior, what they were “doing” or thinking. We needed to help people shift how they saw themselves, their lives and their futures. This was change on a much bigger scale! It was like we’d been tweaking the computer program and trouble-shooting the kinks, while what was truly needed was a brand new program! We needed to create a process that would allow people to rapidly free themselves of the baggage of the past, and establish a solid foundation so they could create the future they wanted.

With this clarity we saw that what we thought was the destination—coping better—was only the half way point. It was like the fog had cleared, and we and could really see the destination. We’d been diligently helping people survive, but what they really wanted, was to thrive!

A New Beginning…

Prime Potential is the result of 25 years of searching and hard won knowledge. We embraced a brand new paradigm—moving from “fixing” what seemed to be broken, to connecting with what was whole and authentic. We knew we were on the right track because we were both nervous and excited. It’s that great feeling you get when something really great is about to happen.

Once we knew the focus was a person’s identity, not just their beliefs or behaviors, it was then a matter of finding a way to work with the whole identity. It’s one thing to say you have a holistic approach or perspective, it’s another matter to develop a process that encompasses all aspects of a person. Imagine someone asked you to consider changing your identity. Even if you felt crappy, had low self esteem or little confidence, it’s a really big step to consider changing the whole way you think about yourself! And that’s precisely the step we were inviting clients to take.

The process we developed is Prime Potential, and it has a very clear framework that allows a client to see how they have “constructed” their identity from past experiences and that, ironically, it’s this “constructed” identity that’s limiting them. This is the computer program we referred to, that’s not working and no amount of tweaking is going to make it work well, because it’s based on fear and insecurity. If at the core I believe I am less than, not good enough, or damaged, this is like a virus that affects all the “files.” In four to five sessions we help people see the operating system they have been using, clear it and, in effect, re-boot their system, giving them a fresh start. (read more about Prime Potential).

The company that Gave Birth…

Miruspoint Facilitators Inc., was created to bring this profound process to the world. The one-on-one process was the beginning, and then a group process was developed—Success Beyond Beliefs, offering people an opportunity to experience some of the transformative process in a group setting. Additional programs of Family Evolution and Unfolding Life Purpose build and expand on the foundation established by Prime Potential and allowing for deeper and more expansive integration.

In addition to these programs, the Prime Potential Facilitators Training Program was developed to share the Prime Potential process with other professionals*. In this way we could realize our vision of having trained professionals helping people around the world live into their potential. We have trained counselors, therapists, coaches, consultants and body workers from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Miruspoint’s mission in the world is to support people’s ability to live from the “place of all potential.” Unleashing the potential we each have can transform our relationships, work, communities, and society at large. It represents a fundamental shift in “being.”  It encompasses being in the flow of life and tapped into the universal energy that is available to us all. Our fundamental belief is that everyone can live lives filled with “miracles.”

Miruspoint’s vision is to unleash every human being’s potential to live vibrant lives filled with joy, peace, and meaningful contribution.

* Dr. Steve Davis was instrumental in developing the training program with Lynn Sumida. He loved teaching it, and it is with great regret that his passing in 2008 no longer allows for his contribution in the training. His legacy lives on with this work and the contribution it makes in the world. We are proud to include a Tribute to Steve Davis as we continue the work which we began together.

When asked about “what we do,” it’s hard to give a simple answer – we help people make profound shifts and live happier lives, unleash their potential and creativity, find more peace and well-being, the list goes on. We love helping individuals and we really want to have a cumulative effect on the world, creating more peace and greater joy for as many people as possible!