Far from what I once was, but not yet what I’m going to be.

What's the Value of Doing Prime Potential?

The return on each client’s investment in Prime Potential or any miruspoint program is incalculable. To appreciate the value that such a life affirming decision could have for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much is it costing me (physically, emotionally, financially, socially etc…) to continue to live with my issues?
  • What’s it costing me to not have access to my full potential in achieving my life’s goals and purpose?
  • What would it be worth to me, to profoundly and rapidly improve the quality of my life in the direction of peace, health and joy?
How is it Different from Other Programs & Processes?

What Makes Our Work Unique? LOTS of things:

The process starts by quickly guiding people in finding the blind spots in their system and seeing how things are “cross-wired.” Cross-wiring is when we work at cross purposes with ourselves, like wanting to lose weight and going to the bakery. Cross-wiring is what creates self sabotage.

Not only do we indentify the cross-wiring we locate the “file” containing all the data your system has recorded that triggers anxiety, rage, insecurity, shame and so on. Every person’s system has this data and this is the information that keeps getting triggered, keeping you in hyper vigilance.

Clearing this “file” is essential in allowing your system to calm down, open up, and be present. We know this clearing occurs because client’s consistently describe the great sense of calm, peace and lasting sense of ease they experience from the work.

Lastly, the Prime Potential process is unique in that it’s NOT just addressing individual symptoms, issues or even beliefs. It addresses the whole foundation on which a person lives. If this foundation has “cracks” in it, it will never support you living fully and the more pressure you experience the more glaring the cracks. No amount of patching is ever going to create a solid foundation.

Because Prime Potential® addresses the “big picture” – the whole way you are showing up in life, the range of improvements is sometimes mind boggling and the transformative changes are on a much bigger scale. Here are some of the remarkable, measurable benefits:

  • Speed: For many clients, significant change occurs after the first 3-hour session. The entire 4-session process only takes 3 months to complete
  • Depth of Results: By focusing on issues at a cellular level, blockages are not just cropped – they’re addressed at the root
  • Revolutionary Change: Because many issues are released at their point of inception, negative behaviours and patterns often stop arising. There is simply less to manage or work on
  • Systemic Impact: Clients experience breakthroughs in their well-being: cognitively, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is often surprising to clients how broad and far reaching the results can be.

Twenty-five years in the making, Prime Potential® is a profound process and unique in its synthesis of Science, Psychology and Spirituality. The results go far beyond behavior change, reaching the essential focus of our identity, and our sense of wholeness and well-being.

What is Readiness?

Readiness is the term we use describe clients who are ready to proceed with the Prime Potential® process. There is a difference between being in distress and actually being ready to make changes. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, especially when you are in emotional or physical pain. If you would like to assess your readiness please take our Readiness Assessment.

Are you ready for Prime Potential

What's the Format?

Working one-on-one with a Facilitator, you will take part in 4/5 structured sessions. Each session lasts between two and three hours, depending on your unique circumstances. In Session one you establish your goals, complete an assessment which creates a clear picture of your starting point and experience the whole clearing process. Session two builds on the changes from session one, tracking all the changes in a Progress Log and addressing new issues if they arise. It typically occurs within two weeks of the first session. The third and fourth sessions generally occur within a month or so of each other and continue to consolidate the changes that have occurred. By the fourth session you will have established a “new normal” of greater strength, flow, and other optimal qualities. Once the final Benchmarks have been completed you can see the significant changes that have occurred, across ten different variables.The whole Prime Potential process takes place over three months.

Getting More Specific…

Prime Potential begins with a respectful and simple questionnaire (Preparation Guide) covering a broad range of life issues. Completing our unique Preparation Guide allows the Facilitator to understand you, the whole person, before delving into the work. You will receive a Progress Log, which is your companion throughout process. It contains helpful background information and assessment tools (called Benchmarks), and journal pages to track key indicators of progress and to chronicle your experience as you move through the work.

The Facilitator and you work together identifying your specific blocks and how they got locked in… and then clearing those, releasing the constrictions that have been jamming you system. As explained in our discussion of the Psychology of our Work, the nervous system is like a personal, internal security system, and the alarm, once triggered, stays on alert watching for anything that may pose a threat. Having been cleared, the system re-establishes a new baseline for living, free of the backlog of the previous fears and concerns. All of this occurs in the first session. The following sessions track the progress and continue to address any other issues that emerge. Spacing the process out over 3 months allows time for you to deeply integrate the changes, although many client have told us that years later they are still reaping benefits that they link directly to this work.

How Does It Work?

There are three key elements of the Prime Potential process. After establishing the goals a client has for the process, they are helped to understand exactly how their system is operating and why they are having trouble achieving their goals and shifting limiting patterns like procrastination. We use the metaphor of a field of dandelions. If you want to be rid of dandelions you have some options but the goals is to be rid of them permanently, not just for a few weeks and this means addressing the roots.

When clients see the roots of their issues it’s very enlightening but it’s just the beginning. Next clients are assisted in seeing how these patterns started and the price they are really paying for these “constrictions”. Finally they are helped to release the “blocks” and establish a new solid foundation in which to move forward. Imagine your emotional/nervous system is like a computer and has many files that are open and slowing down or clogging up your system. This backlog of “stuff” is what creates the “triggers” for all emotional upsets. Re-booting your system so you can have a fresh start is what Prime Potential offers. Once your system is running smoothly, and efficiently you have more energy and mental capacity to really move forward in life.

How Soon Will I See Results?

Results are often apparent following the first session, and build one upon another. Our experience with clients has shown that the shifts and changes become so natural that they can go unrecognized until we stop and take inventory. Throughout the process you and your Facilitator will track the changes in their Progress Log, using a series of key indicators. These indicators will serve to illustrate the degree to which positive changes have occurred in the client’s life and experience.At the end of the process the client will revisit  their initial benchmarks and obtain a before and after profile of their results.

Does It Last?

Yes! Clients who apply their new-found energy and clarity in a positive direction of their life, while continuing the daily personal practices that support the work they have done, report ongoing and lasting results! Many clients have reported that results continue to unfold over months and even years. The key is being in integrity with your own system and building greater and greater conscious awareness of your true or authentic identity. Our work provides a new foundation or “state of being” from which clients are able to launch a fuller, more exciting and gratifying life.

Is this the End or is There More Work to be Done?

To say that there is no more work that needs to be done would be misleading and inaccurate. More accurate would be to say that Prime Potential opens a door for you, into a future that will continue to unfold. It is a beginning not an end. What ends perhaps is attaching to an identity in which you feel less than complete, inadequate or damaged. Once you have released the fear and constrictions in your system that created the foundation of feeling “less than”, your mind has to catch up with this new way of seeing yourself. It often takes time for your whole system to catch up with the profound changes that have occurred. In addition, as life opens up and clients step into new arenas, new challenges can emerge. Some clients return for update sessions to address these challenges or to support ongoing deeper, personal evolution.

If I Want to Deepen My Experience, How Can You Help Me?

Depending on the specifics of what you’re seeking, there are a number of program alternatives:

  • Family Evolution – A three session process looking more deeply look at family patterns that may still be affecting you
  • Living Your Potential – ongoing support for the work you have done in Prime Potential
  • Unfolding Life Purpose – A three session process to directly explore your Life Purpose (Prime Potential is a prerequisite)
  • Prime Potential Update Sessions
Where Can I Locate Miruspoint Programs & Facilitators?

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