If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.
—Isaac Newton

The Psychology of Our Work

The field of psychology is broad and far reaching, and any new approach builds on the collective wisdom that has come before. There are a few really really important bodies of work that have profoundly influenced the development of Prime Potential. We want acknowledge the work of some of the great pioneers who have contributed so much to our knowledge and work with people.

Choice Theory

Photo of Dr. Bill GlasserDr. William Glasser, developed Choice Theory, a profound and far reaching understanding of how the human system works. It’s simplicity is deceiving – Glasser achieved the remarkable feat of developing a theory even children quickly grasp. and yet it is this same theory that is helping people around the world live happier, more effective lives. Glasser identified five specific genetic needs which everyone is trying to meet on an ongoing basis. All of our behaviors are attempts to meet those needs. The radical implication of this, is that all behavior is internally motivated, regardless of how much it appears to be controlled by the outside. Even when someone is doing what you want them to do, it will be because it is need-satisfying for them to do so. This challenges the way people think and how many institutions operate. It is still very common to believe you can “make” someone do something, or not do something, and that external rewards or punishments work. His theory is the ultimate self-responsibility framework and has helped people, in all walks of life, reclaim their power to change their lives.

Satir Family Therapy

Virginia Satir, through her pioneering work with families, recognized that we begin to form an identity (which she called the “ideal self”) starting as very young children. This was a very radical idea which ultimately changed the whole way we view identity. The “ideal self” is the “good” version of ourselves that we are trying to live up to. Ultimately, we all fail because it’s actually impossible to live up to this idealized version of ourselves. Failing then propels us into shame and guilt, and the never ending cycle of striving goes on. She also recognized all the “rules” we assimilate from our family and culture which further trap people into living less authentically. She is known for her psychodramas that allow people to see what’s really happening in the family and within themselves. She beautifully articulated the “five freedoms” we all crave as human beings and her work continues to serve people around the world.

Prime Potential builds on the understanding of identity formation and goes further by identifying the way in which all of our experiences are coded into the central nervous system and form a “constructed” identity which perpetuates the cycle of striving and failing. Stepping out of the “constructed Identity” is only possible if your system knows there is something else—something safe—to take its place. Prime Potential gives people the experience of their Authentic Identity ( who you really are at your core) and this calms the whole nervous system, so it can release its grip and relax. Knowing who you are at the core is a new foundation that supports a sense peace and well-being.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Richard Bandler and John Grinder developed  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and brought to the world whole new ways of understanding how we experience life and encode it in our brain. They were the consummate example of bringing diverse perspectives together into something very unique. Richard Bandler studied Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson (master of hypnotherapy) and Fritz Perls (developer of Gestalt Therapy) and discovered patterns that created change. This was just the beginning and they were off and running. John Grinder, master linguist understood how important language was as a window into how people thought. Together Bandler and Grinder created elegant strategies for building rapport, creating success, addressing trauma, phobias and a host of other issues. They are true pioneers and NLP provides rich resources for assisting people to change rapidly. NLP is perhaps best known for its focus on structure and not content. How something is structured and stored in the brain is more important to them, than the content or story. Timeline technology, the process of tracking through time how your experiences are recorded, is another of their gifts to the world. This is a key part of the Prime Potential process, in which we locate trauma(s) along a person’s timeline, which been locked in their emotional/nervous system and release them. Prime Potential then assists people to shift the identity that was connected to the traumas and embrace a whole new way of being.

The Haven

The Haven, located in British Columbia, Canada, is a place thousands of people have gone for personal and professional development. It was founded by Drs. Bennet Wong and Jock McKeen. These two wonderful, brilliant men were at the forefront of exploring all facets of being human and how to support and liberate people in “coming alive”. They challenged beliefs about intimacy and what created deep and meaningful relationships.They sought out profound thinkers and “change agents” and brought them to The Haven so others could learn from them. Since the 70’s their work influenced Steve Davis and Lynn Sumida helping them discover more of their own potential and it is a joy to honor them.

The BodyTalk System™

“BodyTalk,” developed by Dr. John Veltheim, pioneered new ways of working with the body to assist it in deeply realigning into healthy, life sustaining patterns. Dr. Veltheim believed that, “the key element in maintaining health in the body is reestablishment of communication between all systems and parts of the body.” His work opened the door to a different way of understanding healing, and Prime Potential has incorporated some of this new perspective in its powerful process of releasing trauma in the system. Once this release occurs, the system has an opportunity to shift to a new foundation for the identity, an identity not based on lack or neediness, but rather based on wholeness and peace.

The Power of Prime Potential

The power of Prime Potential exists in the incorporation of multiple modalities into a powerful and truly holistic process. Clients have an opportunity to cognitively understand “why their system is holding onto fear” and “how they are sabotaging themselves,” (constrictions) even as they try to move forward. Releasing these constrictions in the body, along with all the coping patterns they have developed to keep the fear in check, allows the body to finally reset it’s way of operating to one of ease and flow. This sets the stage for clients access their own authentic identity and unique essence.

Many people have experienced moments of ease, flow, and grace, and even a sense of who they authentically are, but have been unable to stabilize these moments into a true way of being. Even profound moments of transformation or bliss will not integrate into a solid foundation if there is fear in the nervous system continually reactivating the old coping patterns.

The experience of resetting the nervous system is needed, to provide the space into which the authentic identity can truly take root, and become the ground upon which they stand and experience all of life.

Prime Potential’s reliance upon solid psychological models is one of our greatest strengths. We’d love to show you more about how this exciting technology can impact a wide range of emotional barriers and constraints that hold us back from living the life we’ve always of which we’ve dreamed.