Healing restores to wholeness that which
has been injured or fragmented.

—Sharon Weil


Today we are much more aware of the powerful connection between the mind and the body. How we are looking at life, and how we are feeling emotionally and spiritually will have a bearing on how we are doing physically. Generally, health issues show up in one of two ways – either slowly wearing you down over time, or creating a health crisis. What are you experiencing in terms of your health?
  • Have you been feeling more and more fatigued or overwhelmed?
  • Do you feel like you are caught in a cycle, going round and round and not getting ahead?
  • Do you know or have a feeling you are avoiding something important?
Any health challenge is a signal from your system to STOP, and consider the bigger picture of what’s going on in your life.

When things are slowly wearing you down, you often don’t notice how far things have slid out of balance. This can be a bit like your bank account… you don’t bother tracking small withdrawals, because they don’t seem to really matter… but, they gradually add up!

Unfortunately, looking at the big picture can seem overwhelming – like suddenly being hit by a tsunami, overwhelming and out of control. At this point people tend to shut down, and just cope. This coping can feel like you are in a hamster wheel, going around and around, and not really getting anywhere. This ultimately compromises your ability to make clear decisions, be proactive, and stay healthy.

In a health crisis, the current situation triggers fear… and that creates a domino effect, triggering fears that are already in your system, which can be about health, finances, or many other things. This compounds the stress of the health crisis – not an easy place to be. Addressing the backlog of fear that’s being triggered is crucial in order to optimize your body’s ability to heal.

Prime Potential offers you a way to give your system a complete overhaul and clear out the backlog of things weighing you down. One client realized an unexpected benefit when her phobia disappeared after the anxiety in her system diminished. Clients have found they have more energy, a feeling of lightness and an overall sense of peace, even while dealing with a health crisis.

Would this help you?

The next right step for you depends on where you’re at…

If we used a three point scale and 1 was “I am really interested,” 2 was “I want more information,” and 3 is “I don’t think this is for me right now,” what number would you be?

Over 25 years ago I was diagnosed with lupus erythematosus – consistently confirmed over the years by different doctors. After the process, I was retested immediately and then again two years later – all evidence of lupus was gone. This is truly amazing.
Name withheld

I have suffered horrible back pain. I have slipped 2 lower discs in my back. Now I have no pain in my back. I no longer even concern myself with my back. I [am] no longer remembering my back pain. I had carried equipment up 13 flights of stairs when elevators were not working, a total of 119 pounds with mask, RIT bag, thermal imaging camera, and Arc. And my back was not even aggravated… [it] was like new.
John Major


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