We can’t create a new future while we’re
living in our past. It’s simply impossible.”
― Joe Dispenza

Transitions are changes from one thing to another and can be big or small. Clearly changing jobs or partners are big transitions but there are many small transitions we are faced with daily. How well we transition from one thing to another is really important and often sets the stage for what happens next. It is heart breaking when people move into a new situation and, without realizing it, set themselves up for failure or a negative experience.
  • Do you dislike changes and feel upset or mad when things change?
  • When you think of change do you automatically think of the negatives, problems and upsets?
  • After you have made a change do you find it hard to embrace the new situation and find yourself comparing it to the old?
These questions can help you recognize how you are thinking and feeling about change and transitions. Sometimes people avoid even thinking about changes and then are caught off guard when they happen. This sets them up for more of what they have already experienced – feeling upset, disoriented and unprepared for change. At the end of the day this pattern represents resistance – part of you saying NO, I don’t want to move forward or deal with something.

Our perspective on resistance is that underneath all of what we think and feel is a sense of uncertainty and fear. These fears often go back further than we realize and yet are affecting the present. No one wants to go back and dissect the past but if there are significant limiting patterns that were established a long time ago, you do want to shift those. The challenge is the cause of these patterns is often in your “blindspot.”

Prime Potential offers a very precise way of identifying those patterns and then addressing them. In five sessions people are able to not only locate patterns but clear them and establish a foundation for themselves that is really solid. All sabotage patterns, where we take one step forward and two back, are part of resistance. They use up so much energy and block people’s real potential from being used.

If you recognize that you are struggling with a transition or have been sabotaging yourself please be in touch. We would love to show you how we identify what’s in your “blindspot” that could be well stopping you.

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