It is almost impossible for anyone,
even the most ineffective among us, to continue to choose misery

after becoming aware that it is a choice
William Glasser

Training and Certification…

Dr. William Glasser developed both a way to work with people and a life-changing theory to explain why his approach works so well. I’ve been sharing this information with people for over 30 years and I still love it because when people have the knowledge and skills they need for life… it’s really empowering and exciting. The Certification process has five modules and starts with the Basic Intensive. Some people want to just learn these ideas for their own growth and development and others want to become certified and share the ideas with others. Whether you wish to see yourself differently or want to learn how to help others lead happier and more-fulfilling lives, this training is for you! You can take one module or progress through as many as you want, the choice is YOURS!

The Basic Intensive is the beginning and Includes:

An in-depth presentation of Choice Theory, which has been called “The Psychology of Personal Freedom.” This is the theory you need to know to really understand people’s behavior.

An introduction to Reality Therapy – a MODEL that uses this theory for effective communication and problem solving that helps people “take ownership and responsibility for their life”

A framework for Leadership, be it as a parent, teacher, consultant, counselor or entrepreneur, that creates good relationships and win-win solutions

It offers you:

  • A safe place to wrestle with questions like, “are people always doing their best?”
  • Time to practice applying what you are learning, and start building valuable skills
  • A small group that allows for deeper conversations and personalizing of examples

The Basic Intensive is 24 hrs of face-to-face time and is a registered program with William Glasser International, so if you want to go further you can!

Lynn Sumida, has been a Senior Faculty for WGI since 1983. She has taught all levels of the Certification Training program as well as the Faculty Training programs to become a Practicum Supervisor and Instructor.

“Lynn has an incredible understanding of what influences people and their behaviors. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their relationships of any kind, increase their effectiveness in communication and more deeply assess their own internal motivations.”

The William Glasser Institute (renamed William Glasser International [WGI])

…was founded in 1987, and from the beginning taught the concepts and practice of Reality Therapy in intensive seminars. Dr. Glasser, a board certified and world renowned psychiatrist, continued to serve as president and founder until his death in 2013. WGI has grown significantly and has affiliate organizations around the globe and teaching faculty in most countries.

The Certification training program has five levels and teaches the concepts and use of of Choice Theory, and the practice of Reality Therapy and Lead Management. Choice Theory is the psychology of why and how we behave. Reality Therapy and Lead Management focus on practice and application and have been extremely useful in the fields of mental health, education, corrections, employee relations, pastoral care, business, and in any situation in which people need to get along with others.

William Glasser International has been approved by the National Board of Certified Counselors [NBCC] as a Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 5189. Since all Glasser Canada Faculty are members of WGI, professionals may check out the conditions of CECs or CEUs with their instructors.

For information regarding the remaining levels of the certification process, please visit Glasser Canada’ Website.

“Lynn is one of the most talented and creative Instructors I have personally experienced. She has been a dedicated proponent of William Glasser’s Choice Theory and Reality Therapy for the over 25 years that I have known her. I’d be honored to have another 25 years with her on my team!”

Carleen Glasser

William Glasser International

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