If you gave your inner genius as your inner critic,
you would be light years ahead of where you now stand.

—Alan Cohen

For many of us, our professional lives, our careers, and what we accomplish, holds great significance. It stands to reason, then, that we frequently evaluate where we’re at in comparison to our goals and larger life-plan. So let me ask you a few questions…
  • Do you feel you have much more potential than you’re using or showing?
  • Are you frustrated with the start/stop pattern of “one-step-forward and two-steps-back?”
  • Do you think you’re in your own way somehow, but don’t know how to shift things??
When performance is inconsistent, or you are not really fully performing at your best there is usually something blocking your system. Using the metaphor of a garden hose if there is a kink in the hose, turning the water on harder is not going to make any difference. And in fact, with humans the harder we try the worse things often get. So what should you do?

Very often the reason you don’t know what to do is the “problem” is in your “blind-spot.” Unless you identify what’s blocking your system even things like coaching will not help much. We’ve worked with clients who previously spent a lot of money on coaching and didn’t get the results they wanted because the coach didn’t know how to address the real blockage.

Once we know what is keeping you stuck, we can figure out how it got locked in, and clear it from your system.  The clearing process is a bit like clearing a virus out of a computer. You don’t want to just delete files that are affected; you want to really clear the virus out of the system. We have a way of literally “re-booting” your system, giving you a fresh start and an opportunity to really express your potential. Creativity improves, clarity and ease of decision-making goes way up and so does overall confidence.

Prime Potential is very focused on results and clients love this. The process begins by establishing where you are at – the initial “benchmarks” – and ends with you completing your final benchmarks so you can compare your Before and After results. Consistently, clients obtain results that truly shock them! Imagine increasing your energy, creativity, sense of well-being or efficiency by hundreds of percent, in only 4-5 sessions.

Part of why our results are so good is we assess clients for readiness. We want to make sure this process is really right for each client we serve. This readiness assessment takes less than ½ hr and is really worth doing.

The next right step for you depends on where you’re at…

If we used a three point scale and 1 was “I am really interested,” 2 was “I want more information,” and 3 is “I don’t think this is for me right now”… what number would you be?


The Shift that Saved My Career

Getting Out of My Own Way

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