There are only two ways to live life.
One as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.

—Albert Einstein

What is Prime Potential?

Prime Potential is a “big, bold” process that works at the “macro” level, meaning it addresses not just symptoms, issues or skills but encompasses the whole way a person thinks, feels and shows up in the world. There is a saying that you can tell everything about a person by the way they do something. At the broadest level, if a person feels helpless, hopeless or powerless, in any part of their life, it’s going to affect all of their life. We can assess how a person stops themselves, release the block(s) in the emotional/nervous system and establish a foundation where the person feels, safe, whole and capable. Freeing up the system in this way allows people to really have a choice in how they move forward and create their future.


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Prime Potential is unique, in only four to five sessions it connects people to their innate potential, and establishes a solid “foundational identity” from which to grow and flourish. We form an identity starting when we are very young and it contains the hurts, losses and fears that make it almost impossible to really thrive.

Imagine you have a foot on the gas, wanting to move ahead, and a foot on the brake, not wanting to get hurt or make a mistake. Pretty hard to drive a car with one foot on the gas and the other on the brake! Likewise it’s the same for us emotionally, it’s really hard to move ahead in life and feel free when we are blocking yourself at some level, conscious or unconscious.

Prime Potential’s power and speed comes from its ability to clear the “backlog” of shocks, stresses and traumas that trigger people, and then “re-boots” their system. This rebooting is like what happens with a computer, when an new operating system is installed. The new system allows a person to embrace a sense of themselves characterized by resilience, resourcefulness and wholeness. Because Prime Potential addresses your whole system (body, mind and spirit) the changes are widespread and in a sense “effortless”. It goes beyond limiting beliefs or ineffective behaviors and has been highly effective in addressing anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, performance blocks and health challenges.

After 30 years of personal growth and practice, I thought I’d experienced it all. Prime Potential blew this myth completely out of the water. What a profound, life-altering, confronting, uprooting, belief-busting way to live life! Delightful and wonderful… always revealing and sometimes disturbing… and ongoingly inspiring, invigorating, and revitalizing. Thank you!

Bill Chalmers

Vancouver, BC

Results of Prime Potential

People from all walks of life and professions have benefited from Prime Potential. By helping connect with their core potential and release the stresses on the whole nervous system, we have helped people unlock their creativity, enhance work and physical performance, address serious health issues, and eliminate anxiety and depression. Parents have been able to transform their relationships with their children and really be the parent they want to be. A fireman, who was afraid to get close to his children because of all the loss he saw on a daily basis, said he was finally able to hold his children and let them feel his love. Partners are able to step out of old patterns that were constantly being activated, and build the trust and closeness they desire. Artists report abilities they never knew they had, and experience the joy of feeling the flow of their creativity. Because Prime Potential works on the foundation of the whole human system, there are often results no one even expected.

Prime Potential Offers…

Systemic Impact

Systemic impact means the work affects all aspects of ourselves (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, neurological and cellular) simultaneously, in an integrated approach. As a result of this integration our client’s experience positive transformation in many areas of their lives, in addition to the initial, localized issue(s) or area of focus. It fundamentally shifts the wiring of your nervous system from fears, limitations or difficulties, to possibilities and potential.

Profound Depth

We help people to identify, locate and release deep core constrictions which are at the root of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs, about yourself and/or the world, are much like severe computer viruses which have generated all the present symptoms in your personal and professional life. Changes made at the core level are deep, lasting and profound.

Cellular Change

Recent discoveries in cellular biology show that our cells operate in reaction to a “central message” which we embed very early in our lives, “pre-rationally” – before conscious thought. Do you know what message dictates your cells’ responses? Many people have messages they say they are not safe, people are not trust worthy, life is uncertain or unpredictable … Miruspoint’s respectful and effective processes help you release constricting messages and sabotaging patterns at the cellular level.

Stunning Speed

Clients report noticeable changes after the first or second sessions, scheduled just two weeks apart. By rewiring the body’s circuitry to follow a new “central message” safety, strength, and well-being allows transformational changes to occur rapidly across all systems.

This process will:

  • reveal patterns that hinder you from achieving your full potential
  • investigate your unconscious limiting beliefs that are linked with these patterns
  • expose the underlying causes of the patterns and your distress and fear
  • explore the coping behaviors you use to relieve symptoms (of distress, fear, etc.)
  • release the core constrictions that block you, at the neurological and cellular level

What Makes Prime Potential Unique? LOTS of things:

The process starts by quickly guiding people in finding the blind spots in their system and seeing how things are “cross-wired.” Cross-wiring is when we work at cross purposes with ourselves, like wanting to lose weight, and then running out to visit the bakery. Cross-wiring is what creates self sabotage.

Not only do we identify the cross-wiring, we locate the “file” containing all the data your system has recorded that triggers anxiety, rage, insecurity, shame and so on. Every person’s system has this data, and this is the information that keeps getting triggered, keeping you in a state of hyper-vigilance.

Clearing this “file” is essential in allowing your system to calm down, open up, and be present. We know this clearing occurs because client’s consistently describe the great sense of calm, peace and lasting sense of ease they experience from the work.

Lastly, the Prime Potential process is unique in that it’s NOT just addressing individual symptoms, issues or even beliefs. It addresses the whole foundation upon which a person lives. If this foundation has “cracks” in it, it will never support you living fully; the more pressure you experience, the more glaring the cracks. No amount of patching is ever going to create a solid foundation.

Because Prime Potential addresses the “big picture”—the whole way you are showing up in life, the range of improvements is sometimes mind boggling, and the transformative changes appear on a much bigger scale.

Significant Outcomes and Benefits our Clients have Experienced:

  • enhanced general health and well-being
  • heightened experience of joy
  • increased “effortless effort”
  • more “best days”
  • unexpected healing of physical ailments
  • minimization or disappearance of food allergies
  • reduction of phobias
  • healthy weight loss
  • improvement in autoimmune functioning

Prime Potential, and all of miruspoint’s processes, are distinguished from other approaches aimed at similar goals in four distinct ways: the systemic impact, profound depth, revolutionary change, and stunning speed. Rarely will you find a process that in only four sessions addresses the whole way a person operates and assists them in letting go of past “baggage,” and effortlessly step into a new way of operating.

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