We fear only what we haven’t understood.
—Byron Katie

Anxiety and depression are actually quite different but can show up together. The difference is that with depression people are suppressing their feelings and in anxiety they are overrun by their feelings. Although there is a big difference in how depression and anxiety profile the underlying causes are often the same. Today people have the choice of using medications to address anxiety and depression and sometimes this is exactly what’s needed.  Unfortunately, medications rarely address the cause of anxiety and depression.
  • Do you feel like you just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head?
  • Does day to day life feel overwhelming and that every nerve in your body is on edge?
  • Is it hard to focus, care about life, or be motivated?
Depression can actually “sneak” up on a person and not be recognized. It’s often a gradual sliding away from life. Because the changes are gradual your system doesn’t sound the alarm bell and signal danger, and yet you do need to do something. Whereas with anxiety it feels like life is in your face – too much – overwhelming and your system is overloading. We often use the metaphor of a home security system – imagine it has registered a break in, the alarm has sounded, but nothing happens; the alarm just keeps on ringing. A person’s emotional system is being bombarded and even the smallest thing now seems overwhelming. Hyper-vigilance becomes a vicious cycle — constantly finding data which continues to trigger you.
Prime Potential gets to the root of the issues and doesn’t really focus on symptoms or strategies to “manage” the fear. Like the branches of a tree there can be many symptoms, physical and emotional, but the focus needs to be on the root cause of what is not working. Once the root has been identified and the “alarm” turned off, a person can reset their system so they feel safe to engage in life fully.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms identified here please be in touch and have a conversation with us. This first step can be hard but it is really important, and your system will respond to you taking action. Many clients have said that even the first conversation made such a difference as they gained an understanding of what’s been the real problem.

This experience with Prime Potential® has helped me reduce the anxiety level in my life, has improved my relationship with others through improved communication and has provided me with an overall feeling of well-being in my life. Life altering!!
Muscular Dystrophy Development Associate

I went from a three month state of chronic depression to feeling like a new person. I am much more present in my life now, my creativity back fully. I am kinder and more compassionate than I have ever been. My life feels ripe with possibility.
Shirley Dircks

Before the process I was so stifled and trapped by anxiety, fear and feeling I needed to be perfect. Now I am at peace. My mind is quiet. No more playing and replaying endless tapes from my childhood. Instead, I see possibility everywhere. My world has opened up and it is a wider and happier place to be and to live in.
Kate McDonald

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