Hope dreams into being what is possible but not yet formed.
—Sharon Weil

Whether the loss is a person, a job/career or even the loss of part of our body, loss triggers loss. This is such a powerful concept that it’s worth repeating – loss triggers loss. So a current loss can and often does trigger past experiences of loss, which have already occurred. This is what magnifies grief and can make it so crippling. A loss sends “shock waves” through the nervous system, activating past “losses”, and creating an emotional tsunami effect in your system.
  • Are past losses, disappointments/betrayals resurfacing?
  • Do you have the feeling, “Here we go again… another disappointment…”
  • Do you wonder “Will this ever end?”
If any of these questions resonate with you, some support may really help. Acknowledging a loss is critically important and suppressing it often creates depression. Many people believe time is what heals. Time certainly is a factor in healing but it’s not the SOLE factor. How you use the time matters tremendously. The support you receive to process loss is critical and the way you view grief also makes a big difference. If recovering from a loss feels like you are betraying the person you have lost, the guilt will compound grieving tremendously. Lastly, after a big loss people often feel they have lost their foundation, their sense of being whole, their bearing, confidence and connection to life!  It’s essential to re-establish your sense of You, and your confidence.
What’s unique about Prime Potential is it helps you address the backlog of losses, without being overwhelmed. You will re-establish a solid foundation to “stand on” finding yourself, and the emotional strength to move forward. In 4-5 sessions people are able to make tremendous shifts and are often surprised at how quickly this clearing can occur and how wonderful it feels to not be overwhelmed with grief.

As you release the backlog from your system, it allows more emotional space to address current challenges. It also frees you, allowing greater clarity, strength and energy for moving forward. The goal of Prime Potential is to support you in addressing loss, not being overwhelmed by it, and in having a solid foundation from which to live.

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Job Loss… and What Else Was Triggered

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