Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.
— Anton Chekhov

Prime Potential Facilitator Training

We’re living in a new paradigm of rapid change and evolution, which is calling for tools that work faster, deeper and more profoundly!

It is very exciting is to see newly trained Facilitators helping people experience profound shifts, in their whole way of being. Once the process has been learned, each Facilitator adds their experience, knowledge, and wisdom, making it their own. Our dream is to see many more people able to access this work and Facilitators, in diverse contexts,  available to offer it. Our world is ready for a rapid, profound, holistic change that facilitates core transformation.

This Program is for professionals—counselors, coaches and consultants who want to add a powerful, rapid process to their skill set which shifts a person’s core identity from a victim orientation to one of strength and wholeness.

The Training program consists of four Modules (132 hours in total) beginning with the prerequisite of a personal experience of Prime Potential. Each module, of 4 days, occurs over a weekend and includes both theory and practice.This superb training will give participants both a theoretical foundation, AND the skills to assist others in making profound shifts in many areas such as self esteem, mental clarity, confidence, performance, health and relationships.

The four modules of training take place over approximately 6 months, intentionally spaced out to allow time for practice and integration. Participants work with volunteer clients to gain first hand experience of all elements of the process and are supervised and guided all along the way. Training and competency are separated to allow the learner to fully engage in the learning without concern about being evaluated prematurely, for competency.

Once the training is completed participants can proceed to a mentoring phase, and ultimately certification as a trained Prime Potential Facilitator. The goal of the Mentoring phase is to support each person in refining their skills and establishing confidence in their personal competency.


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