During the month of March, we’ve invited four guests to enter the fray of discussion, and answer the question, “What Stops Our Growth and Evolution?”

This week Lynn Sumida talks with Bill Chalmers, President of BFO Consulting. Bill is a business consultant, coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist… and the list goes on. Bill has worked with individuals, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and companies who want to increase their bottom line into the millions.

This is a great discussion that you’re going to want to hear!


Bill Chalmers Bio 2010Building on almost four decades of successful entrepreneurial ventures in a variety of sectors, Bill dedicates himself to helping people transform relationships, develop personal leadership and clarify foundational values. As a compelling speaker, seminar leader and corporate coach, Bill shares with substance, brilliance and sometimes frightening candor—always with his clients’ best interests at heart.

Bill’s irreverent humour, open generosity and inspirational charisma are foundations for his delivery of outstanding results with clients and colleagues alike. He helps individuals, groups and teams face up to difficult issues and bring concerns out into the open for healthy discussion and dialogue. Alive with infectious energy, common-sense practicality and caring insight, Bill’s “walk-beside-you” approach invites you to exceed your expectations and achieve new heights of satisfaction, joy and purpose in all you “be” and “do.”