Orange butterfly , isolated on whiteWell, it’s the end of January and for me the month has really flown by. I have been focusing this month on the journey from creating dreams to making them come true. I started by looking at dreaming, and our ability to really let ourselves dream. For some people this is the biggest challenge and, as I have said, there’s usually is a reason people don’t dream. Something has shut down their natural ability to dream, or at least put a real damper on it. If this applies to you I strongly encourage you to get some support to clear this out of your way.

Some of us do dream, but as we go through life we realize we need new dreams, or maybe we need to start dream much bigger! I’ve experienced this a number of times and in different ways, which I think might be help to share.

I started out wanting to help people and make a difference in peoples’ lives as a counselor. After doing this for a number of years, I felt compelled to move beyond traditional counseling and find a way to accelerate the growth people were experiencing in the counseling process.

Ultimately, this search resulted in developing Prime Potential, a 4-5 session process of transformation. This meant I was no longer in the mainstream as a counselor, and I felt the “tremor” in my system as I made this transition. I also started traveling and teaching abroad, sometimes giving keynote presentations to large groups of people. This was also a big jump for me, and lots of fears emerged. My school experiences as a dyslexic learner were deeply embedded, and I was very afraid of failing on “stage.” As I worked through these fears it was clear I needed to address the whole way I saw myself.

I hadn’t seen myself as a “Presenter” or “Keynote Speaker.” Being a counselor was a safe “identity,” and now I realized I needed to break out of that and “update” the way I saw myself… and the way I was showing up in the world.

My dreams began to get larger, and I realized I needed to expand, too. My focus had become discovering new way to help create a world where everyone was living their highest potential.

Doing this one person at a time was going to be a pretty slow process. But taking a powerful one-on one process and reforming it into something a large group of people could benefit from was a real challenge. With support, I was able to birth our group program “SUCCESS BEYOND BELIEFS” – the next creation, and the story goes on.

I’m sharing this journey because at each stage of growth I experienced moments of doubt and uncertainty. If these doubts had gotten “traction” I might have stopped completely. I had to revisit who I thought I was, and be willing to shift my whole outlook and identity. This is what it takes if we want to move ahead, truly evolve and live our dreams.

Neurologically we know that our brain forms neural pathways based on our thoughts and experiences. If we have painful, disappointing experiences they can add up, creating barriers to growth and creativity. We often need support to clear away the “baggage” that accumulates through life. We find ourselves in a position of having to revisit the rules we’ve formed, and look at the beliefs that no longer serve us. And, ultimately, I have come to realize we need to shift our identity.

You were not born with an “identity.” It developed through time and experience, and can be changed. I have come to realize that being authentic and real does not come naturally. Most of us have to clean away a lot of junk in order to show up as our true, open, loving self.

If this resonates for you and you are ready to make some shifts please come join us for the first SUCCESS BEYOND BELIEFS workshop for 2015. Check out the resources below to learn more how this workshop can help and…

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The future, my friend, is waiting…